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Lagune de Marano, Region

Sail through a beautiful basin situated between the Friuli plan and the Adriatic Sea: the Marano lagoon. This is a hospitable land where the local tradtions are still linked to those of the sea-faring culture of Venice. If you navigate along the Veneta Coast, you will follow the "Chioggia-Trieste", an ancient waterway created by the 'Serenissima' when they were at their most powerful. From fishermen's huts to the great palaces of the Canal, from the greeness of the major estuaries occassionally hidden by reeds to the lazy coastline this classic navigation traverse an unpredicatble, dreamy landscape.

Departure Base Lagune de Marano

Our new base rental boat Precenicco is located in the heart of the Italian countryside, a few miles of the most beautiful beaches in the country. This region... see
Marano (a small town in the center of the Grado and Marano lagoon) is another splendid community, the twin of Chioggia in terms of their flourishing fishing... see

Map of Lagune de Marano

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