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Boating Vacations on Canals of France

River Tourism, how it works

Rent a boat without a license

No experience is required, all navigation instructions given when the boat is taken in hand.
Boats fully equipped and easy to fly!
Free and unrestricted navigation.
Great choice of itineraries and models of boats without license, from 2 to 12 people
Be the captain of your own boat . No permit or experience is required. It's that simple ! You get on board, and after a navigation instruction, you can fully enjoy your river holidays
Embarquement croisière fluviale

The best thing about a boat trip is that you can go almost anywhere without having to continually make and unpack. It's like having a hotel room whose view changes every day!
At the end of your cruise, you will feel right at home aboard the boat.

Boat rental in Weekend, week or more ...

  • From 2 nights, enjoy our long sailing season, March & October to travel across Europe. All cruising durations are practically possible.
  • In low season, long weekends and small weekly escapades are easy; organize.
    If you want to see as many things as possible without having & step back, choose the one-way . Take the boat on one base and go to another one. You can ask for your repatriation until: the departure base or the transfer of your car; your place of arrival

    To go slower and stop longer en route, by covering every corner of the region, choose a week round trip .
    Finally, go for two weeks or more, if you want to make the most of your vacation

The return cruise ...

  • The round trip formula (start and return to the same point) has the advantage of organizing as desired and navigating at its own pace. turn around halfway through the stay. Of course, we advise you not to stop in the same places on the way back; this makes it possible to visit different sites each time and to admire the landscape from another angle. If you go to the river base by car, you will find your vehicle at the departure base without worrying about the cost of repatriation (crew or vehicle). If you arrive from far away by train or plane, it is necessary for you to know your starting base and your base of arrival, so we advise you to opt for this formula, in order to ability to anticipate your transit bookings.

The one-way cruise...

  • The one-way formula (circuit from one point to another) is offered as an extra (in addition to the rental price) by the largest rental companies and this in most regions. This service allows the discovery of a maximum of landscapes and tourist sites. This form is generally indicated on a stay of at least one week, thus allowing the junction of fluvial bases of the company on the chosen channel. For those who wish to do a lot of navigation, spend as many locks as possible and meet people, go through various stages and taste different culinary specialties, the one-way cruise is a rewarding and dynamic experience on a sometimes even sportive pace. Important information on the one-way formula: Given the fact that there may be climatic hazards or a mechanical unexpected event at the boat, the departure or arrival base can be changed at the last moment, so ask to call the departure base 48h before to confirm the meaning of your cruise. This formula is recommended for those who go to the river base by car and who do not have the imperative of reservations of transit (plane-train). We advise you to book a taxi for your repatriation to the departure base. Some companies also offer a transfer service from your vehicle to the arrival base.

Luggage to take with you...

  • by boat, it is better to avoid suitcases. Instead, use travel bags that are easier to store. Remember to carry dishes, soap, toilet paper, matches, a medicine bag with medicine, binoculars, gloves to protect your hands when handling ropes in locks, towels and towels sunscreen, hat, sunscreen, insect lotion if you go in the summer, non-slip footwear, waterproof clothing and several flashlights. You can also bring your board games as well as reading to fully enjoy your evenings.
    Also, if you choose to sail on a boat with a deck , consider taking a parasol with you. You can however rent umbrellas, tables and deck chairs when making your reservation. You will only be able to use electrical appliances operating under 220 volts when the boat is connected to a dock in certain harbors or marinas. Also consider taking your fishing rod if your area of ​​navigation allows activity. If you do not have one, some bases will be able to offer you to the hiring.
  • Also, if you choose to navigate a boat with a bridge take with you an umbrella. You can however rent umbrellas, tables and deck chairs during your booking. You will not be able to use electrical appliances operating under 220 volts until the boat is connected, & Agrave; a terminal in certain harbors or marinas. Think about it, take your fishing rod if your navigation region authorizes the activity. If you do not have one, some of the basics will be available to you. location.

First Supply ...

  • In some bases, the staff offer you the possibility of having on board some essential supplies to start the journey. Otherwise, most of the databases proximity to local shops and you will be able to get everything you need on the first day.

Full of gas and water...

  • When you get on board, the boat is about to start, , ie with plenty of water and fuel. You will have the option of filling the water tank in some ports along your route.
    The full diesel is largely sufficient for a week of navigation . However, if you have to fill up with gas oil, remember to keep your re & c and we will deduct the amount to be paid upon arrival. Our commercial team will give you an estimate of the total fuel price before departure, depending on your route and your boat. Please note that gasoil tariffs are linked to local variations in market prices and may therefore vary.

The equipment...

  • You will find in all the boats a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, an oven, a hob, a sink, various arrangements, dishes, kitchen equipment, maintenance and safety bed.
    All the boats have a square (place of stay) with a table whose size depends on the number of passengers that the boat can accommodate, a bench sometimes convertible into a bed double or single as well as chairs. Most boats own a CD player.

Credit cards accepted

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