Louez un bateau sans permis
Boating Vacations on Canals of France

Rent a seld drive boat for 1 weekend or 1 week

week end en bateau

From three nights to several weeks, all cruising times are possible.
As a rule, sailing for 4 to 5 hours a day will allow you to cover important distances while having time to visit the towns and villages you will meet on the way.

River Cruise in one-way or return

A one-way travel from one base to another is an additional chargeable service offered by the rental companies, but be warned it is preferable to arrive by car to choose this formula since the meaning of the cruise can be modified at the last moment in case of climatic or mechanical hazard, in fact, the boat may suffer a breakdown or an incident that would prevent it from arriving at the base relay. Thus, we advise our guests who arrive by plane or train to choose a round-trip cruise so that they can book their tickets in advance.

Soyez le capitaine de votre bateau sans permis.
Continuez la visite......
Aucune expérience n'est nécessaire, toutes les instructions de navigation données lors de la prise en main du bateau. Des bateaux entièrement équipés et faciles à piloter !

Week ends

... usually start on Friday between 16h and 18h for a return on Monday morning 09h or on Sunday evening at 17-18h. (varying schedules depending on the company)

Mini weeks

... begin mainly Monday 4 pm to Friday morning 9 am. (varying schedules depending on the company)

Rental weeks

... are from Friday 16h to Friday 9h or from Saturday 16h to Saturday 9h or from Monday 16h to Monday 9h depending on availability.

At the term of travel

The reception staff will carry out the inventory of the onboard equipment and will note your remarks of use. Your deposit will be returned to you and you will be able to pay the hourly rate of navigation.