Louez un bateau sans permis
Boating Vacations on Canals of France

bateaux sans permis

Many of our clients are beginners. The boats are easy to maneuver and there is no need to have practiced before to take the helm. Upon arrival at the river base, a staff member will provide you with the necessary instructions and accompany your first steps on the water. Normal cruising speed is 6 to 8 km / h.

The captain of your self-drive boat ...

Operation of the equipment, the engine and the "command" post. You will familiarize yourself with your boat in a short time. We recommend you to spend the first night in your base which will allow you to "take possession" of your new place of life in good conditions and to check all the equipment pleasant to your stay.

The next morning, you and your crew will leave the peaceful mind for your cruise. You will be master on board and you will be able to approach with serenity all the facets of the piloting: the maneuvers, the stops, the passage of the locks.
Naviguez, c'est vous qui choisissez
pour aller plus loin......
A bord de votre bateau vous prenez enfin le temps : c'est vous qui décidez de ce que vous voulez faire, à votre rythme. Une navigation libre et sans contrainte d'escale..

Passage of lock

The passage of the locks is a strong and fun time of your cruise that allows everyone to participate. Once you have passed your first lock , you will see that there is nothing very complicated. Most locks are automatic and operated by a lock keeper who will be happy to help you

Where to dock?

As a rule, you can moor p artout along canals and rivers . If there are limited or private areas, you will easily find places to moor your boat. You can opt for an anchorage in a port of public or private yachting which, for payment, proposes various facilities (electrical connections, replenishment of water, etc.)