Louez un bateau sans permis
Boating Vacations on Canals of France

Self-drive barging vacations don't require a boating license or prior experience

navigation fluviale

Your stay aboard is made of calm and tranquility while staying in action. A real paradox! In your boat you finally take the time: it is you who decide what you want to do at your own pace

After a theoretical and practical initiation on the base allowing you to quickly master your boat and the essential rules of navigation, you will be given a valid permit for the duration of the stay. You can plan your own route ...

Don't require a boating license or prior experience

Have you ever driven a boat? This is not a problem! Each year you thousands to discover that river navigation is a real game of children.

All boats are easy & maneuver

You do not need a license. The staff, the boarding base will ensure that you have fully understood all the details of the operation and operation of your boat. You will leave only when you are satisfied with yours so that your cruise will really unfold as you imagine

Vacances fluviales culturelles ou sportives ?
Continuez la visite......
Découvrir le patrimoine à travers des canaux. Nos bateaux peuvent vous amener déguster un capuccino à Venise, bronzer sur les plages de la Méditerranée.. !

At the helm of your boat , discover an authentic sensation of freedom, ! Relax with family or friends and share warm moments of conviviality.

Easy navigation

European waterways have no no difficulty in navigation , they are not subject to tidal currents and currents are low. Some cruise regions do not show any signs like the Camargue.
That said, many sailors believe that a cruise day is really only realized with a few sailors, cross ! The browsers without experience will quickly get used to the passages of the electives. Most of the schools are also automatic, and there is almost always a predefined clue, give a hand.

Without constraint, it is you who decides

Navigating on a river is taking your time . The speed is limited, 7 or 8 km / hour and will leave you time to enjoy the scenery. This restriction of the speed also makes it possible not to degrade the banks.
You are also the only one to be registered, edge. As soon as you wish to take a break, you can just moor in a pretty corner , enjoy a drink and relax while enjoying the spectacle of nature. You have only to Defining your itinerary & navigate your rhythm, in so far as you go, and when you feel like it.

For all tastes

With family, friends or a couple, river navigation is good for everyone ! Kids love the perfume of adventure, adults love to feel free of any constraint. Without constraint, it is you who decide ...

Skip the gaps

It's fun to have an event and it's time to get everyone involved. After passing the first one, you'll see that it's easy . It is also an opportunity to meet other boaters and to change your experience.
Most clusters are automatic and maneuvered by a cluster, and these are often beautifully kept and flowered places.

Sometimes you can buy wines, local cheeses, eggs or bread.
Caution the are closed on certain days of the year such as 1 May or 14 July for example in certain regions; please contact us.