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Boating Vacations on Canals of France
Hollande, your boating holidays from Kerkdriel
You’ll collect your stylish canal boat from the Nicols base at Kerkdriel in the heart of Holland and the location is perfect for exploring this splendid country by water. From the network of rivers and canals discover picturesque towns, quaint windmills, green meadows and tulip fields and of course splendid cheeses!

The charming little port of Kerkdriel is located 15km north of Bois le Duc. Here you’ll find two restaurants and a beach at the very spot where your Nicols boat is moored and waiting for you! There are many cruise itineraries on offer – a loop, a return to base or even a one-way route allowing you to see more of the region.
Hollande Kerkdriel

Informations about Kerkdriel

WEEK-END (Hollande)
Kerkdriel > Kerkdriel
100 km
2 Lock(s)
12hours of navigation


•Kerkdriel - Gorinchem - Kerkdriel
Canals :
Mini week (Hollande)
Kerkdriel > Kerkdriel
120 km
0 Lock(s)
15hours of navigation


• Heusden
• Drimmelen
• Kerkdriel
Canals :
Week (Utrecht)
Kerkdriel > Monfoort
220 km
8 Lock(s)
28hours of navigation


• Gouda
• Amsterdam
• Utrecht
• Montfoort
Canals :


Nicols duo
Double steering
: 2 / 4 pers.
cabins : 1
Aménagement cabine
1 lit double fixe
2 couchettes transformables dans le carré
8,85 x 3,40m
WC/shower :1/1
Nicols Quattro
Double steering
: 4 / 6 pers.
cabins : 2
Aménagement cabine

2 lits doubles transformables en lit simple
2 couchettes transformables dans le carré
10,85 x 3,80m
WC/shower :2/2
Nicols SIXTO
Double steering
: 6 / 8 pers.
cabins : 3
Aménagement cabine
2 lits doubles fixes
1 lit double transformable en lit simple
2 couchettes transformables dans le carré
13.50 x 3.80m
WC/shower :2/2
Nicols Octo Fly
Double steering
: 8 / 10 pers.
cabins : 4
Aménagement cabine

4 lits doubles transformables en lit simple
2 couchettes transformables dans le carré
14.95x 3.85m
WC/shower :4/4

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